344 million people worldwide suffer from dry eyes. There is currently a lack of effective ophthalmic treatments for the condition, especially for more severe cases – such as the seven per cent of all postmenopausal women, a total of 10 million people in Europe and the US alone. 

Redwood Pharma wants to do something about this.

Developing new ophthalmic treatments for dry eyes contributes to addressing a growing public health issue. Chronically dry, red and itchy eyes are the leading cause of patients booking appointments with ophthalmologists. As the population ages, this is a growing problem that affects sufferers’ quality of life.

We are convinced that this is a sound business investment as well. There is currently no effective ophthalmic treatment – a gap in the market that we have the opportunity to fill. Our product, RP101, is set to the first on the market to contain the active ingredient oestradiol/oestrogen. Oestrogen is approved and present in 500 other products on the market.

Redwood Pharma is defined by innovation. Our drug is based on an innovative drug delivery platform, IntelliGel, which we have patented. This also gives us exclusive rights through a license agreement from Broda Technologies to all ophthalmological applications of the platform until 2031.

RP101 is currently undergoing testing, but we are still just getting started. The plan is to commercialise our product by, for example, granting licences to larger drug companies. The fight against dry eyes has only just begun.